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10 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

A woman peacefully sleeping.

1. Keep regular hours

Try to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time every day.

2. Stay away from stimulants like caffeine

This will help you get deep sleep, which is most refreshing. Avoid all stimulants in the evening, including chocolate, caffeinated sodas, and caffeinated teas. They will delay sleep and increase arousals during the night.

3. Use the bed for sleeping

Avoid watching TV or using laptop computers. If it helps to read before sleep, make sure you use a very low wattage bulb to read. A 15 watt bulb should be enough.

4. Avoid bright light around the house before bed

Using dimmer switches in living rooms and bathrooms before bed can be helpful.

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5. Avoid exercise near bedtime

No exercise at least three hours before bed.

6. Don't go to bed hungry

Have a light snack, but avoid a heavy meal before bed.

7. Avoid looking at the clock if you wake up in the middle of the night:

This is very difficult for most of us, so turn the clock away from your eyes so you would have to turn it to see the time. You may decide not to make the effort and go right back to sleep.

8. If you can't get to sleep for over 30 minutes

Get out of bed and do something boring in dim light until you are sleepy.

9. Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature

Not too warm and not too cold. Cooler is better than warmer.

10. Beware of that "night cap"

Alcohol may help you to get to sleep, but it will cause you to wake up throughout the night, even if you don't notice it.

If you have a sleeping partner, ask him or her if he/she notices any snoring, leg movements and/or pauses in breathing. You may have a sleep disorder.

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